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March 8th, 2012 at 12:51 pm

Here's my short term goal .... since the plan as of now is that I need to move to my own place by October 1st I need to save a decent amount of money by then. I need money for a deposit... need to pay off what I owe to the electric company so I can get that turned on... and save up enough to get some basic furniture and other things needed for my own place.

I'm getting $811 back on my tax return... I plan to take $200 of that for a weekend trip, only because I won a 2 night stay at a resort in San Diego and tickets to Sea World ... I figure $200 should be enough to cover my half of the gas and food for 3 days, and maybe a little bit of extra spending money.

The remaining $611 is going to go to paying off the electric company ($420) and I'm planning to use the other $191 to get new tires for my car, they're getting worn out and I don't need to have any more blow outs on the freeway.

My goal is to save $500 a month April-September .... which will give me $3000 .... about $1500 of that will be the deposit money for my own place, and the other $1500 will be for my furniture and other things, I plan to do LOTS of thrift store and garage sale shopping for those things, and look for any hand me downs from friends and family.