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November 3rd, 2012 at 01:21 pm

THE MOOCHER THAT WAS STAYING WITH ME IS GONE !! he moved all of his stuff out thursday night .. yay!! he didnt have money to give me (of course) using the excuse that his paycheck was smaller than he was expecting again... not sure WHY he was expecting a 40 hour paycheck when he took a day off but whatever. i've decided that i'm not going to stress over the money that he never paid me and just be happy that he is gone. he's a leech and a liar and i dont need to deal with that. i have no problem helping my friends when they truley need help, but this one didnt need help, he just wants someone to support him while he acts like a child.

on another note, i didnt get the job that i applied for with usaa. i had a feeling i didnt as soon as the interview was done. a lot of the interview questions were geared towards the sales part of the job and i've never worked a sales job before so i had NO CLUE how to approach those questions. the money would have been nice for sure, and the hours, but it's not really a huge issue. the job i have now is decent, and like i said before my manager is amazing. he's actually offered to help me look for a job that i'd be good at and help me some more with interview questions. yea, he's pretty cool.

pretty much my whole paycheck went to rent this week. the little bit that i had left i used to pay my internet bill, put gas in my car, and take my car through emissions. next paycheck i need to renew my registration, ugh. i went to fresh & easy and grabbed a few things that i needed to be able to make dinners/lunches for myself for the next week until i get paid again. i went there because almost everything i needed was produce, and with their 98 cents produce packs it was definitely much cheaper there than anywhere else..

i got :
baby carrots: .98
celery: .98
2 green peppers: .98
6 tomatos: .98
6 onions: .98
10 potatoes: .98
spaghetti noodles: .98
canned corn: .50
tomato soup: .50
total: 8.51

Oh, and towards my millionaire fund:
I found a penny in the parking lot Wink

might write some more later.