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December 16th, 2012 at 07:32 pm

Just got in, did a bit of shopping today..I needed to pick up some random things like shampoo and toilet paper.

I also was feeling like a should get into the holiday spirit and put up some decorations so i swung around to a few thrift stores on the hunt for something. i ended up with a strand of lights for $2, what was boxed up like a strand of lights but really ended up only being a box of random bulbs (grrr) for 99 cents, and some cute lil candle holders and tray (i know not holiday decorations but whatever lol) for $7. I was very proud of myself for putting back lots of random things that I picked up and then decided that i didn't really need.

Oh, and towards my millionaire fund:
I found a penny in the parking lot.

Might write some more later