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me again...

October 27th, 2012 at 12:05 pm

I had a phone interview yesterday with USAA that I forgot to mention. It went well, and I have an in person interview with a hiring manager next Thursday! They've already emailed me the information to start the background check and go get a drug test. I'm assuming that this is all a good sign because they wouldnt waste money to do those things for a person that they didn't think they would hire ... right?

They have two classes starting soon, November 5 or November 26. And the pay is about $1000 a month more than I make now.

I really hope I get it because I'm ready for a change and, not gonna lie, the money would be nice. But also at the same time I'm scared of the change. The manager I have now is AMAZING, definitely the best person I have ever worked for. But the shift I'd be working at USAA is better than what I'm working now... and the money....

Ahh ... decisions...

My day

October 27th, 2012 at 12:42 am

So today I got my birthday present from my best friend ... a dog! He kept the one that we had at his house when I moved out (because it was technically his! lol) so he got me my own.. yay! She's up to date on all of her shots and already potty trained and kennel trained. I do need to get her spayed, but I'll wait until the low cost mobile clinic comes back through, I had both of my cats done through them a few years back and they were great.

Found 10 cents in my car so that got thrown into my lil piggy bank. At this rate I'll be a millionaire Wink lol

Went to the pet store and got a toy and a small bag of treats for the dog, and some dog food. The person that we got her from also gave us her collar, leash and kennel so I didn't have to worry about any of those things, so I only spent $8 there. I just got enough food to last a few days until I go grocery shopping, and there was a coupon for buy one get one free Smile the toy I got on clearance and the treats were half off.

Okey doke ... I'm off to bed, goodnight all !!

uh, ok

October 26th, 2012 at 11:44 am

well, I know it's not that long since I wrote my last entry, but I've just been thinking about stuff and hey, here is as good a place to write it down as any. and it is at least vaguely financial. and I really just need a place to rant lol.

a friend of mine has been staying with me for 2 months now, and in that time has only given me $100. he has a full time job paying $12 an hour yet INSISTS that he doesnt make enough money to pay rent or pay bills. he gave me this whole little sob story about how he couldnt afford his apartment anymore because they raised his rent, plus the amount of child support he has to pay, and he owes money to the IRS.

of course with me being a sucker, I felt bad and offered him a place to stay while he got stuff caught up. We had agreed that since he would be sleeping on the couch and not really be keeping any of his things here that he would only pay me half of the utility bills, half of the groceries and then $120 for rent. and like I said previously ... since he's been here he's only given me $100.

I mean, if he really truly didn't have the money I would probably let it slide. But he's been going on trips every weekend, plus spent $300 on action figures. then tells me this week that he doesnt have money to give me for this month because "his paychecks werent as much as he was expecting".

now maybe it's just me but shouldnt he have made sure he had the money to give me for his rent before going on all of his trips? oh and then I find out he hasnt been paying his child support, nor the money he owes to the IRS. so basically he just wants to be a mooch.

i keep talking to him about it, but every time I bring it up he gets defensive saying "he doesnt make enough money" and "cant afford to get an apartment of his own" .. his parents live out of town and he's been lying to them saying that he has his own 2 bedroom apartmentand that all he does is work and pay bills, he lies to his ex (the child's mother) and says that he cant give her the child support because all of his money is going to bills and the IRS!

i know I've been stupid to let him stay but I told him a few weeks ago that he has until the 2nd to get out because I am not a sugar mama. I have enough of my own debt and bills to worry about without having to support someone else that is fully capable of taking care of themselves.

Anyhow.. if anyone has any helpful comments or suggestions I'd love to hear them. I don't know if I should try to fight with him for the money that he owes me or just get him out of my house and be done with it.

Just realised this entry is like a novel.

Good day!

I'm back ... again

October 26th, 2012 at 01:36 am

hello to anyone who is reading this...

I'm from Arizona and I'm trying to save up to pay off the ridiculous amounts of debt that I have.

My goals are to stash as much cash as I can and then take advantage of the settlement offers that I get from the collections companies, and also to get into good habits of managing my money.

I haven't done anything very saving-money-ish today.. although I did go to the college bookstore and sold back two books that I am done with.

Ok.. I will try and get into the habit of writing in this often, but I can't guarantee what I say will be interesting