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Hi again

March 11th, 2013 at 11:39 am

Itís been a few months, but Iím back. Havenít written because there hasnít been much to report, and the last few months have been REALLY hard.

I quit my job after Thanksgiving for something that SOUNDED promising. It was a state job, the pay was a little less, but it got me out of the call center environment which I have been doing for YEARS, and was MUCH closer to home (cut my drive down by about 40 miles a day!) so it seemed as though the positives were going to outweigh the negatives. Well, they hired 4 of us at the same time, for a full time 40 hour a week positionÖ then there ended up not being enough work and we were lucky to get 25 hours a week. Meaning my paychecks were around $175-$200 a week, BARELY enough to even make rent, so all other bills were pretty much ignored. After 7 weeks they decided that there was no point in having us there and we got laid off. Somehow I managed to get lucky and found a temporary position to start the following week. Iím still at that job, but unsure how much longer I will be here, Iím filling in for a person that is out on medical leave. Iím TRYING to find a new full time permanent position, but with the hours Iím working (8-5) itís making it really difficult to be able to schedule interviews, and I canít afford to take much time off especially after falling so far behind in December and January. Iím STILL trying to catch up on the bills that I got behind on during that time.

Iím SO lucky that my best friend has been so willing to help me or I donít know what I would have done. Heís been making sure that I have enough gas to get to and from work, and helping me out with little bits of money so I can buy some food so Iím not COMPLETELY starving. Iíve tried applying for food stamps but somehow according to the state Iím still making too much moneyÖ Not sure where they are getting that idea from since my monthly income the last few months has only been about $800 and my rent alone is $675. Itís so frustrating! I feel so bad that my friend is doing all of this for me and I have no idea when or IF I will ever be able to pay him back for it all. He keeps insisting that I donít have to and not to worry about it, but I still hate being in that position, itís not his job to take care of me. UGH.

On the brighter side of things Iím getting just over $1200 back on my federal tax return, I should be getting that next week. I owe the state $62 which I plan to pay as soon as I get the check, I have to pay back my mom $200 that she let me borrow, pay my phone bill thatís now almost 2 months behind, my electric bill that is 3 months behind and DEFINITELY buy some groceries. The rest (which should be around $700) I plan to just keep as emergency money. Once Iím caught up my income should cover bills with about $300 a month available for gas/groceries, which is definitely enough. Then I just need to hope that I find a new job before this one ends that way I donít end up right back in the same hole. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I better get off and do some work!