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April 13th, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Well, things are finally looking better! Last time I wrote here I mentioned the temp job that I was working, well that ended about a week later. It was a good thing I had received my tax refund the day before they ended the contract! Although it did suck because I was planning to get caught up on my bills and then hold the rest as emergency money but ended up needing it to pay my regular bills. I went 3 weeks without a job, I know that is still pretty good because a lot of people go A LOT longer. I did somehow manage to stretch out my money through the whole time, and JUST ran out the day before my first paycheck.

The job I am working at now pays really well. It's a temp to hire job. For now I just plan to pay my normal bills and stash as much away as I can JUST IN CASE anything happens with this job. I've had too many jobs that have sounded promising and then ended up no where. If I do get hired on permanent I should FINALLY be able to start paying off some of this stuff I have in collections and really get back on track.